How we used Webflow's agility to create pages that drive traffic and convert it into qualified leads.

Pet Sitter in Guyancourt, Sarah Collomb looks after and walks your pets. We helped her launch her business by designing her website. Today, in less than six months, she's already getting more than six new leads every month thanks to it.



CaniFélis is an independent pet sitter in Guyancourt and the surrounding area. We created her Webflow site with 3 objectives in mind:

  1. List it in the first search results in Guyancourt for keywords related to its business.
  2. Create a reassuring website with a professional design that gives dog and cat owners confidence.
  3. Increase the perceived value of your services to boost conversion rates and sales.

The website

The site had four main functions:

  1. A well-referenced Google My Business listing with an automated review collection system.
  2. A contact form that collects the necessary information.
  3. SEO-optimized pages
  4. A presentation of the different types of services.

We created a site architecture to give a fluid, frictionless user experience, but also with sales pages targeted to specific transactional searches.

We have created pages that revolve around 3 main searches to position ourselves in the top results:

  • Cat Sitter at home
  • Neighborhood walk
  • Forest walk

So, by targeting one specific keyword at a time, we were able to optimize the page for SEO. For example, by targeting the keyword "pet sitteur Guyancourt" for the home page.

site web webflow canifelis navigation

Of course, these pages are also used to sell.

Targeting a specific need through these pages also increases conversion rates.

A dog owner looking for help with a walk is not likely to receive the same messages as a cat owner looking for a week's care at home.

  • The other pages we've created are also of SEO interest.
  • The "my rates" page positions itself on the search "pet sitter rates".
  • The "about us" page is positioned on the search "pet sitter c'est quoi".
  • The page "Avis Clients CaniFélis" is positioned on the search "pet sitter avis".
  • The "contact me" page is for the search "pet sitter contact".

Each of these pages is positioned on a different search engine and naturally brings traffic to the site.

Of course, these pages also serve as sales pages.

We worked on their UX design and copywriting to make them more impactful and persuasive, so that more users will choose CaniFélis.

This new Webflow site has also enabled CaniFélis to save an enormous amount of time by presenting its various services in detail directly on the site:

site web webflow canifelis services

No need to spend 15 minutes per customer explaining the different offers.

The user calls knowing directly what he needs.

To find out more, visit the new CaniFé website.


Optimizing the GMB page has resulted in a +900% increase in the number of views in the last quarter. That's huge!

plus de vues fiche google my business CaniFélis

And no wonder, since this listing comes in second place for the search "pet sitter Guyancourt".

position résultat de recherche fiche google my business CaniFélis

Optimizing the form's content also helped increase conversion rates, with 53 total actions last month.

tau de conversion et nombre d'action google my business CaniFélis

As for the site, it came fourth on the search "pet sitter Guyancourt".

Not bad for a new site and a new domain name!

On average, it takes 1 year to reach the first page. And that's only a small fraction of the sites that make it...

optimisation seo site webflow Caniélis
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Pet Sitter in Guyancourt, Sarah Collomb looks after and walks your pets. We helped her launch her business by designing her website. Today, in less than six months, she's already getting more than six new leads every month thanks to it.

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