How this portal lets you share PapeSan's networks and brand-new portfolio at the click of a button.

A passionate content creator, photographer and videographer with over 733,000 subscribers, PapeSan shares an authentic and unique vision of the world through his content. We've created a memorable website to share his various activities as a content creator.


*Disclaimer: We did work with PapeSan, but not on a direct collaboration basis. We created his site on our own and sent it to him. He loved the process and agreed to let us put it on our portfolio. The proof is here.


PapeSan is a content creator on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok. He is also a freelance professional photographer.

We created his Webflow site with 3 objectives in mind:

  1. Showcase your photography business with an ultra-stylish portfolio.
  2. Showcase his various networks to develop them more quickly.
  3. Offer instant access to his various networks to new people who meet him, so they can discover him more easily.

The website

The site had two main functions:

  1. Have a portal that provides an overview of all PapeSan activities.
  2. Host a contact form for photo shoots.

The site had to reflect the world of PapeSan.

Not only in its design, but also in its words.

It had to reflect his style, which you'll find when you attend his live shows or watch his videos.

To achieve this, we took the photos he had taken and used the expressions he uses live.

We also opted for a minimalist, modern style.

The home page is the page on a site where the most traffic arrives, a bit like a crossroads.

It's also where the traffic is coldest: they don't know the brand yet, and are there to discover.

So the aim of a home page is to redirect this traffic to more specific pages.

That's what we've done with this portal:

portail site webflow papesan youtube et twitch

As you can see, users can choose to access PapeSan's 3 biggest activities: Twitch, YouTube and his portfolio.

It's an easy-to-understand overview that makes his activities quickly accessible.

Next, we developed his portfolio:

portfolio Webflow PapeSan

It features a gallery of PapeSan's photos with buttons that redirect to his Instagram to see more and, above all, to engage with his photos by liking or commenting.

It also makes it easy to access his private messages.

Making your Instagram so easily accessible is a way to get new users to follow you on your Insta and so grow your community.

The site's main call to action is the contact form for booking a photo shoot with PapeSan.

So the portfolio isn't just a showcase.

It's also a lever for acquiring new customers for photo shooting services.

To find out more, visit the new website.

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